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ADAN BLACK SWAN (Launch 14/2)

Regular Fit Chino

Designer's note: Velour s renowned classic chino Adan. Just with the right mix of stretch for that right effortless feeling. The chino cloth is a twill fabric originally used by the British and French military uniforms during the second half of the 19 th century . At first the original chinos were in 100% cotton but we added a little stretch for the perfect comfort and fit. The chino fabric means that it is constructed of diagonal parallel ribs. This structure gives the chino cloth its heavy duty strength while also allowing it to drape well. Our Adan chinos can be found in a wide range of colors.

Not every product can receive a Nordic Ecolabel licence. it’s the toughest Nordic Ecolabel demands with a 99% recognition amoungt consumers. Products that are chosen are judged from a lifecycle perspective – from source to waste. We’re proud to say that Velour Svanen Chinos are the better alternative on the market today
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