8 Reasons

 Why your Christmas gift 2017 should be a pair of Velour by nostalgi Svanen ecolabeled jeans / chinos. 

Philip Conradsson, Editor at KING fashionmagazine

1 Premium denim fabric is made out of organic cotton or recycled cotton from factory. The cotton is grown without any added chemicals. The organic cotton is traced and certified.

2 Fabric include recycled polyester from PET bottles.

3 The stitching environment is GOTS approved (Global Textile Exchange certified) and audited by Control union (external parties). This means that the workers are all socially insured,  the factory emergency systems and safety regulations are approved (audited) and in good conditions.

No chemicals are used in production of fabrics.

5 Only organic chemicals are used in laundry process.

No endocrine disruptors are used (which can cause cancer).

7 The denim fabric has Recall technology which means that the jeans fabric regain shape after wearing which require less washes.

8 Approximately 70% less water and less energy are used in production

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