Add Life / Sustainability

Add Life / Sustainability


Add Life is Velour´s ongoing sustainability initiative. Team Velour wants to contribute to life by building on fair values. We are working to strive towards being a sustainable fashion business while bringing you a timeless quality product that is in tune with the times.



While choosing factories to work with, Velour focuses on their ability to meet our high quality requirements, comply with our Code of Conduct, and follow sustainable guidelines and work ethics. This means that all of our partners work in a sustainable and ethical way in every step of the process.

We work with factories close-by and off-shore to support production both in Europe and Asia.



The fabrics used are carefully chosen in a long process, ensuring they fit Velour´s high standards, including sustainability, exceptional quality, premium fibers, updated looks and luxurious feel.



Made from the flax plant, linen is one of the strongest fibers known to man – and the oldest. Producing linen yarn requires little to no pesticides and less water than conventional cotton since it is rainfed. Because of its rapid growth, mechanical processing and low pesticide and water use, linen has a minimal environmental impact and is therefore eco-friendly. Linen is highly absorbent and dries quickly while keeping the body cool in the summer and warm during colder times. It has a fresh, crisp and richly-textured feel that brings comfort, elegance and a luxurious feeling.

We source most of our linen from Lithuania to ensure premium quality and to support European production.



Cotton, as one of the oldest fibers, is a renewable natural resource. It is the most abundantly produced natural fiber in the world. Cotton fiber is strong and maintains its given color over a long time, making our products durable and long-lasting. Fabric made of cotton is soft, breathable and absorbs moisture well, which makes it suitable for every season. To contribute to minimizing our environmental footprint, we aim to increase the number of products made entirely out of organic cotton.



Wool is the world´s leading natural animal fiber that is also renewable. It is highly valued for softness, wrinkle resistance and luster. The fiber is naturally water-, dirt- and stain-repellent and therefore does not require to be washed frequently. Garments made of wool offer comfort and warmth while updating the wearer´s style with a classic and luxurious touch.


Denim and Chinos (16/17)

For SS17 Velour by Nostalgi has developed a range of denim and chinos with the  SVANEN ECO-certificate*. This is a great addition to our already popular collection of trousers, linen shirts, coats and blazers. We are proud to be one of the first fashion brands to push the sustainable development forward in the fashion industry.

SVANEN* is the official Nordic ecolabel.

The Swan Ecolabeled garments are of high quality, made with limited use of hazardous chemicals and produced under good working conditions. By choosing swan-labeled products you help save the world, a little bit every day.

Read more about SVANEN and Velour here.



Velour aims to work with the best possible factories and strictly follows Corporate Social Responsibility policies. We only work with suppliers who comply with our code of conduct. Velour is required to comply with REACH and POP, two legislations by the European Union, that are also also followed by our partners.

For any enquiries contact PRESS@VELOUR.SE.



Washing, drying and ironing your clothes stands for 36% of the total environmental impact of the average garment during its lifetime! This can be more than halved if we together make smarter choices. You make a difference to the planet and your wardrobe by washing your clothes less frequently, reducing the washing temperature, ironing less and avoiding tumble-drying.

Choosing smart care methods can help you to extend the life of your wardrobe favourites while reducing your environmental impact, and your clothes will be just as clean.

Good advice starts here: CLEVERCARE.INFO

1. Wear clothes longer between washing

2. Wash by hand

3. Spot clean if possible

4. Avoid dry cleaning

5. Avoid tumble-dry

6. Use concentrated and biodegradable laundry soap

7. Avoid using chlorine bleach

8. Only wash full loads

9. Wash with cold or low temperature water

10. Feel good and dress well!