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Having our society live in symbiosis with nature is not only a form of art but also a dream that we can together make come true. We believe that simply combining the positive forces of business and our collective drive for cultural change will result in infinite success. At Velour by Nostalgi it is in our DNA “to do good” by prioritizing sustainability, not only for ourselves but also for the generations to come. All this without jeopardizing quality and of course design. Quite effortlessly we can find our inner peace by embarking on this journey together.   


Svanen, Nordic Ecolabel.. 

 In 2017 we launched the first nordic eco labeled jeans and chinos in the world. 

This does not only guarantees that you are wearing eco certified, sustainable and top quality jeans & chinos, but also guarantees that the talented craftsmen producing these have the best possible conditions when doing so. At the same this certification guarantees a minimal negative environmental impact.

24-01-01 our license expires for these products.

This does not make the products worse for the environment as they are already produced, but we are in the process of upgrading our environmental requirements for future productions and products and until this work is completed, we do not use the Nordic Swan logo on our website.


 Repair, Resell, Recycle.. 

  We are currently developing our jeans service further to provide you the possibility of us repairing your jeans. We will also be able to rejuvenate the jeans that you may have grown tired of and give them a new life on our website. Simultaneously we are working on another initiative with one of our trusted partners focused on recycling old jeans and reusing the denim to produce completely new ones! A pre-requisite for this initiatives is that our jeans have the nordic eco labelling which guarantees that our jeans are free from chemicals and other toxins. We are confident that we will lead the way in transforming the entire jeans industry together with you! Sustainability is the future!


Join the movement...

 By actively choosing eco friendly jeans & chinos from Velour by nostalgi you will make a sustainable impact that will never be forgotten. You will be remembered and rewarded as one of those who joined the movement for a better denim world… Our goal is to revolutionize the product life cycle by simply extending it at the same time as trying to eliminate fast fashion.