Velour With Svanen

Velour With Svanen

It is not easy to receive a nordic eco label. Svanen have tough demands and requirements which is also reflected in the customers trust in Svanen. 99% to be exact. Chosen products are evaluated from its whole life cycle. From the production of textile fibers, sales in store and possibility to recycle. 

For each and every product we do a pre-study where we examine several elements. It often comes down to choosing a product that is used by a lot of people in large volumes and then ask questions like - Is the product linked and strongly contributive to large environment issues? Is it possible to make the product better seen from a sustainable and climate smart perspective? And in what way does a Nordic eco label influent theses possibilities?

”We want to offer, encourage and help the end consumer to make better, sustainable and active choices helping the environment” - Per Andersson, Founder and CEO

 Svanen examines both fabrics, button and zipper. Important choices in production of fibers, treatments of fabrics and a examination of spillage from for example transportation, making sure that the product is safe for you and our planet.

Better for you and the environment

- No hazardous chemicals
- No toxics or heavy metals
- No endocrine disruptors

Better for the workers and factories

- Ensure that the working conditions and environment are good
- Ensure that the factories are not polluting the environment
- Ensure that it contributes to a more sustainable textile production

Better textiles and sustainability

- Progressive technology that allows the denim to retake it’s fit, which need less washes
- Organic cotton in both chinos and jeans
- Better quality i seams which allow the products for a longer lifespan
- Recyclable cotton from the factories waste, and polyester from PET-bottles to our denim

By choosing Svanen eco labeled products, you contribute in helping the world, bit by bit, for a more sustainable future. Velour By Nostalgi offers ecological clothes with the launch of SS17, where ecological chinos, jeans, shorts and shirts are found in our collection.