Lumiere Tuxedo


Ruben Östlund wearing Velour by Nostalgi during the 90th Academy Awards 2018

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The Oscar nominee - screenwriter and film director - Ruben Östlund has chosen to wear a tuxedo from Velour by Nostalgi during the annual 90th Academy Award. 

I’m happy to work with my friend, founder and creative director at

Velour by Nostalgi, Per Andersson.” Ruben Östlund says.


Made out of recycled pet plastic bottles and wool. 

 The tuxedo the reknown swedish film director Ruben Östlund did wear at the 2018 Oscars is produced in a  sustainable way. Velour by Nostalgi has chosen to work with recycled pet-bottles and wool. The material, which the garments are made of is just as important as the discussion regarding the sustainable consumption and production. We need to work towards a cirkular texile economy and then to use recycled pet plastic bottles is a step in the right direction. 

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Lumière Tuxedo