Terms & Conditions


Welcome to Velour by Nostalgi. The following Terms and Conditions guide the use of and commerce of our web store. This is what you can expect from us and what we expect from You. These terms and conditions may be adjusted at a later time.


You can buy our products directly through our web store. If you have any questions please contact our customer service for help. Contact informations is found on the very bottom of the webpage.

All merchandise remains our property until payment is fulfilled.

Any attempts of fraud will be reported to the Police. Velour reserves the right to cancel, hold on to or further investigate an order at suspicion, even if delivery time is affected.

No other payment options in addition to those displayed at checkout is accepted.

Velour holds the right to have minor deviations related how material, colour, weight, measurements, or manufacturing, appear on our web store. This also includes type faults, price and stock changes.

You have to be of minor age to shop or have a guardian confirming your order. In the later case, please leave guardian's name and phone number at the checkout.


All shipments are sent by PostNord AB. The order will be sent to the address given in your personal profile or provided in checkout process. Estimated delivery time within Sweden is 1-3 business days, Europe 3-5 business days and the rest of the world 5-10 business days, if anything else is not announced in our web store. 

All available products, sizes and colors are visible online.

We will charge 25 EUR for declined items, e.g. if you refuse to sign or will not pick up the order at your pick-up point. If you change your mind about those products you ordered contact our customer service immediately. You still have to collect your package and return it back to us. 25 EUR will translate to USD and SEK according to the currency at the time of event this occurs.

Damaged goods shall be reported at the pick-up point. If you notice the damage after receiving the package please contact our customer service. When returning it, you are responsible for the goods.

Our shipping costs:
Sweden Normal: No Cost (Payment on arrival + 39 SEK)
Sweden Express: 100 SEK
Europe: 20 Euro - Free shipping above 250 Euro
International: 20 Euro - Free Shipping above 250 Euro

SEK = Swedish Krona (prices in Euro depends on the current exchange rate)

For order above 250 Euro freight is included.


You have the following options:

  • Cash on delivery (Postförskott - Sweden only)
  • Credit card (Mastercard/Visa)
  • Invoice - Klarna
  • PayPal

Cash on delivery is only available in Sweden. When ordering you will receive a confirmation by mail. When the order is delivered you pay when the package is picked up at your local pick-up point. Posten AB will charge an additional fee of 39 SEK for this service.

When using credit card you pay immediately at checkout. When ordering you will receive a confirmation by mail. When the package arrives you pick it up at your local pick-up point. All information concerning your credit card is encrypted and secured with a specific technology through Posten Sverige AB.


Swedish law is applied, according to the right of reclamation and returns, see Konsumentverkets homepage for more information. You have the right to return a product and get a full refund or exchange the product, within 14 days from receiving the goods. If You change your mind about a product you have to contact our Customer Service within this time. On International orders, the customer will be charged for the freight when returning a product. 

Velour By Nostalgi apply free returns within Sweden on all orders, within 14 days after you receive the goods. You are allowed to see if the product fits, but when returning or exchanging a product, you are hold responsible for the packaging and that the product is not damaged or worn out in any way. Velour By Nostalgi reserves the right to decline the return if the product is damaged in any way due to packaging failure or if the product is worn out.

There are no refunds or free returns on sales items, only the possibility to exchange or receive a credit note if returning the product. When exchanging a sale item you pay for the shipping cost back to Sweden. 

If the product is defect, damaged or if the return is due to a mistake made by Velour, we will in this case bear or reimburse the delivery cost. Please report the reclamation to our Customer Service before returning the product.

Velour by Nostalgi
Box 2379
403 16 Gothenburg


All information concerning your credit card is encrypted and secured with a specific SSL-technology. Most web browsers use symbols or the guide https:// to show that the page You are visiting is secured. Velour cooperate with DIBS payment exchange and Swedbanks Babs AB for redemption of credit card payments. According to Swedish law (PUL) Velour has to have your approval before handling your personal information. Receiving your personal information helps us to give you good customer service and updates for your interest. Velour will not leave or sell your personal information to third-parties without your consent. We apply the same law for all of our customers regardless geographic location.


In case of war, civil war, revolution, riot, strike, lockout, blockade, natural disaster, measures by public authority or similar circumstances Velour will apply to Force Majeure. This means that these Terms & Conditions can not or only partly be performed. If this occurs Velour will try to inform you about this.


According to the law regarding electronic communication, that took effect 25th of July 2003, all who visits a website must be informed if cookies are used. When you are visiting this website, cookies will be saved on in your browser. These cookies are called session cookies and is used to remember your log in on the website and your basket when you are shopping. Sessions cookies is not stored for a long period of time on your computer, but disappears when you close your browser.

If you don’t accept the use of cookies, you can turn these off in your browser so that it automatically informs you when a site is using cookies. If you turn off cookies, you will not be able to shop, due to that the basket and log in won’t work without them active.